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Mt. Lindsey: 14,042 feet

This is a photo of Mt. Lindsey taken from the summit of Blanca Peak.  To the left is Iron Nipple.
Mt. Lindsey was our first climb of the trip.  The first climb up to altitude for a group of sea-level dwellers is always memorable. We slept at 5,300 feet the night before, then drove to the Huerfano River Trailhead.  From the trailhead, it is 3¾ miles to the summit, 3,500 elevation gain, class 1 along the river, then class 2 to the summit.  The route takes a left fork in tall timber, one that would be easy to miss, and then regains the creek as it gains altitude.  The trail above timberline crosses a large green field on a near direct approach to Iron Nipple, then climbs the saddle between Iron Nipple and Lindsey (where it is reddish-brown in the photo.)  The trail then cuts around the back of Lindsey, and has some 700 feet of scrambling chutes. Choose the scree in the chute, or rock climb along the sides.

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