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Ellingwood Point: 14,042 feet

Ellingwood Point PhotoI don't have a photo of Ellingwood's Summit, other than as a base to photograph Blanca Peak.  Steve Hoffmeyer has some great photos of the Colorado 14ers, you can click here to see Ellingwood.  Just remember to come back!

We climbed Ellingwood Point from Lake Como, retracing our steps from Blanca the prior day.  We again hiked the double track up to the Crater Lake, then switched back as we gained altitude.  The trip seemed easier the second time.  This time we found the saddle trail, and traversed below the ridge, gaining Ellingwood's summit.  

We came down Ellingwood on a rather direct route, locating chutes between cliffs.  Where Blanca was a pile of scree, Ellingwood was secure rock, with good hand holds.  This route was far easier on the knees, even if harder on the nerves. 

Dave down climbing Ellingwood Point

We returned to Lake Como for lunch, broke camp, packed our gear, and headed out for the grueling heavy-pack trip down to the car. We would hike ten miles this day, with heavy packs on for more than half of it. 

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